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Chambers and Partners named dr. Ákos Menyhei and dr. Gábor B. Szabó as 1st band advisors for HNWI in 2020 4th time in row.
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Primus Group

Primus Group is an EU licensed trust and asset management company, established by professionals with over 25 years of international experience in asset management, tax & legal advisory and trust management. Our company is best known for its wealth and asset management, trust and fiduciary services.

Reflecting the complexity of our clients’ challenges, we provide our clients with one-stop shop solutions in a matrix system with an inhouse team of legal, compliance, taxation, asset management and accounting experts. Primus Group’s investment desk (analysts and traders) uses an own investment model resulting in high and stable yields in asset management. Our experts’ innovative solutions guarantee that our clients get bespoken services, meeting their special goals and needs.

Our services cover the following features:

Primus Group started its operation in Budapest. The EU operation is completed with divisions in North America, South East Asia, Latin America, Russia and Ukrain.

Primus Group aims to pursue its bespoken services at a high professional level with great commitment. Our corporate motto “CREATING VALUE ACROSS GENERATIONS” expresses our commitment to combine family value with continued development.

Primus Group services are based on the following core values:


The professional background of Group’s services is guaranteed by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), as the managing partners and board members are the founders, as well as committee members of STEP Hungary. Besides this, all of our colleagues have master’s degrees in law or economics or both. We employ domestic and international tax advisors, LLM degree lawyers, highly trained chartered accountants and experienced financial market analysts. All of our colleagues speak English at full professional proficiency.


Continuous legal compliance is guaranteed by the National Bank of Hungary as this competent authority supervises the fulfillment of all conditions of Primus Trust Corp.’s license (Registration number: H-EN-III-96/2015) during operations.


Primus Group is committed to unconditional loyalty to the trust.

Financial guarantee

Besides our professionalism and unconditional loyalty to the trust, Group maintains an indemnity insurance policy provided by Lloyds Syndicate, resulting in effective financialprotection for our valued clients.

Legal guarantee – Rule of law

The system makes the difference. In contrast to offshore jurisdictions, Hungary’s legal environment, as a result of the complexity of the legal system and domestic, EU and international regulations, guarantees that our clients can trust the system. This legal environment guarantees that no one can misuse its position. As Hungary is a member of the EU and maintains a vast double tax treaty and asset protection treaty network with 89 countries worldwide, several layers of law (domestic, EU and international) provide an effective and reliable legal environment to enjoy the rule of law.

Family values

We know and understand the challenges of multi-jurisdictional and high net wealth families. Therefore, we provide solutions that keep in mind the values of the family. We find the most optimal solution for our clients to accommodate their needs using our vast international network.